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Welcome to Cherrywood Learning Academy. We provide quality and beneficial educational programs for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. We offer classes in English, Public Speaking, Mathematics, Sketching and Painting, Science, Coding, Chinese, and Robotics. With a large group of teachers, our team always ensures your child is being taken care of.



Bayan assists and teaches students with Phonics, English, and Mathematics. As a part of the Cherrywood staff, Bayan loves interacting with students and taking the time to ensure each student meets their academic goals. She is always so excited to meet new students and welcomes them with positivity and kindness. Bayan enjoys reading, painting, and anything sports related! Bayan wants all her students to set goals and dream big. “You can do anything.” she says.


Diana works with care and close attention to each CLA student’s individual learning style.


Her main contributions at Cherrywood are in the English and French departments, where she is able to create unique lessons while integrating fun learning techniques to assist each student, depending on their needs. Diana has many experiences working with youth, including assisting with dance and swimming lessons and helping children’s summer camps. She really enjoys her work at the Cherrywood Learning Academy and looks forward to continuing to help children in their personal learning journeys.



Josephine is a kind and caring individual who enjoys teaching little kids math concepts and math problems. She has had past leadership experiences working with younger kids for over three years now and is an assistant coach for the grade 8 girls' basketball team. In the 2021/22 school year, Josephine received an Honour Roll and the Most Valuable Player award for the girls' basketball team.



Hi my name is Julie and I am a math instructor at Cherrywood Learning Academy! I am in my second year of Mechanical Engineering at UBC. I have over 5 years years of teaching experience, throughout which I have created lesson plans and adjusted material to students' needs. As a teacher my strengths are being patient and breaking down math concepts to assure that my students have a good understanding of the topics at hand!





Lucas is an international baccalaureate student who has a passion for education. He enjoys enlightening students through teaching and finds joy in it. He specializes in Math and English, with proficient teaching experience in both subjects. At the Cherrywood Learning academy, he continues to follow his passion with the responsibility of working as one of the teachers



Hi, my name is Margaret! I assist with the homework club and summer break camps. I previously worked with Ms. Lily and her staff at The Learning Club. I love to play volleyball, basketball, and soccer! I was named Athlete of the Year and won the Principal’s Honour Roll award during the 2021/2022 school year.

Sisi‘s Resume-English.jpg


Raymond is a 4th-year student who is majoring in English Literature at UBC. He enjoys reading and writing poetry, as that is the focus of his degree and will be enrolling in the 11 Month BEd post-baccalaureate program at UBC next fall. Raymond is fond of educating students and strives to deliver to them a wholistic understanding of the English language and the mechanics of literature.

I have both a bachelor’s degree in musicology and a bachelor’s degree in art. In the past, I worked in an international school in Singapore for 3 years. I have 10 years of experience teaching art. My students come from all over the world, and I like to be with them very much. We paint together, create together, and share a happy time together. I have been working hard to let the children enjoy the fun of art. I encourage students to be creative in class. Use their imagination and creativity to express themselves by drawing and painting through the knowledge of sketching and color they have learned. I have put some of my works here, if you like them, join my art class together!



Sophia is a first-year student at the University of British Columbia. She has been working as a Phonics, English and French tutor for 3 years. Having an interest in French throughout her education, Sophia has taken it in school until graduation. Sophia loves seeing Cherrywood students thrive in their academics and is determined to help every one of her students gain confidence in their subjects. Sophia loves skiing, reading and playing field hockey!



Steven is a teacher candidate currently enrolled in the 11 Month BEd post-baccalaureate program at UBC. He has a fondness for English literature and philosophy, majoring and minoring in those respective subjects for his undergrad. With an understanding of the BC Curriculum and its core competencies, Steven strives for excellence in his original, comprehensive, and supportive lesson planning to ensure enjoyable, engaging learning in every class.



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